We buy cars of any make, model, and virtually any condition. Check out the descriptions below to figure out what category your car fits under. In addition, check out the possible questions you will be asked when calling for a quote!

New/Gently Used Cars:

We purchase cars that are considered new or gently used. These vehicles will be in good working condition, low miles, and a good interior and exterior. These are considered cars with virtually no damage and accident-free. If you’ve only had your car for a few years and haven’t been in an accident, your car will most likely qualify as a gently used car. Maybe you’re looking for cash to trade up to a newer car? We can help you with that!

Average Cars:

We also purchase cars that are in average condition. These cars will have small amounts of rust or cosmetic damage, but are still in a working condition. Your car may have some minor problems; i.e. air conditioner out, no heat, rough interior. We can take these cars off your hands so you can get a nicer, newer vehicle.

Damaged Cars:

Damaged cars have typically been in accidents that have caused severe cosmetic and internal damage. They may or may not still be in running condition. Interior will have significant damage and rusting and the interior will have ripped cushions, etc. Maybe it’s just an old model that has seen years of wear and tear. Don’t worry if your car looks a little rough, we will still buy it!

Non-Working/Junk Cars:

Non-working cars don’t turn over at all. Regardless of the reason it won’t start, e still accept your non-working vehicles. Whether they are posted on your lawn or stuck at an office, we will retrieve your out of commission vehicle and trade it for cash today! We will even tow it for free!

Questions we may ask:

(We aim to offer a smooth selling experience for you. We won’t hassle you, but these questions help us get a clear idea of the vehicle you’re selling which will allow us to give you a good quote based on your vehicle! Keep in mind that when we come to inspect the car, we will look to make sure the car has been assessed accurately. In order to make the transition easy, please try to give us the most precise information possible!)

  • What is the year?
  • What is the make?
  • What is the model?
  • What is the condition?
  • How many miles?
  • Has the car been in an accident?
  • Are there any missing parts?
  • Are there any parts that have had problems previously?
  • Do you have a clean and transferable title for your car? (If you have questions about your title, we can help!)
  • What is your car’s past value?

Questions you may have for us:

How much does it cost?

Zilch. Zip. Nada! We will walk you through the all the steps from getting a quote to picking up to getting paid all for free! You don’t even have to pay for towing.

How does it work:

You call, we quote, we pick it up, you get paid! Super easy and efficient. We will take your car and part it for other buyers. How long will this take: Depending on your schedule, it can take anywhere between 24 and 48 hours. Our services are designed for your convenience.

How do I get started:

Fill out a contact form on our contact page or call the number below!

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Here at Cash for Cars Pomona, we will come to your home, office, or virtually any other location, and hand you cash for your used car. We purchase all types of vehicles: cars, trucks, vans and mini vans, and sports utility vehicles both foreign and domestic. We accept cars that are in any shape, so whether your car is new, used, average, damaged, or totally out of commission, we will still buy it!

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